This set of visualisations is based on great project by Swedish studio WRB Architects. This beautiful private residence in the archipelago of Stockholm is on a lot that faces the ocean. Although the surroundings are beautiful, the climate is harsh. Therefore, the house’s design is more than aesthetic — it functions by creating courtyards that are sheltered from the wind. There is also an open fireplace to help extend the short summers.

Visualisations were created as personal non-commercial project. For some time i was looking for right project to polish my skills and this one was perfect for my needs. I especially liked materials used by architect. A lot of concrete and rusty steel were used in the building of this home, making it feel weathered even when brand new. Main goal for this project was to show same building in few different lighting conditions.

Main tools for this project were 3ds Max and Corona Renderer. Max was used for moddeling main building with whole environment. Everything you can see in here is actually modelled including lake and forest in deep background. Thanks to Corona it was possible to achieve very natural lighting without any HDRi maps. All scenes were lit by default Corona Sky. Other very important tool was agisoft photoscan. Some foreground objects and textures were scanned from real life thanks to this amazing technology.
Post processing was made with Photoshop and it was quite heavy with different lighting effects and filters.

I had a lot of feedback for this project from my close friends. It was necessary to make a lot of changes during this episode. I find it always very useful to listen to some criticism, even very harsh. When it was finally published i get very positive response that i’m very grateful for.

Szymon Biegaj