Hair, Style, Sun, Glasses

Set of minimal illustrations devoted to women’s hairstyles and fashion. These artworks are completely vector art and represent laconism as its principal feature. I also tried to find basic shapes in reality. I believe that accessories and hairstyle may give a lot to modern lady when properly used as it always was since civilization appeared.

As most of my ideas it appeared to me unconsciously. I didn’t know what it will be for sure, I just tried to develop my skills a little more and to create something new and pretty. For me women’e looks are definitely one of the most stimulating reasons for art.

To create these art I udes vector graphic tools like adobe Illustrator. I used basic shapes (like circle) and developed them into more compeceted forms. I tried to keep minimal level of complexity at least as it seems. I myself, for example, like things like bauhaus, scandinavian design and minimal illustration. I just try to do what I will like myself.

As experience I wanted to try to create laconic almost logo-like illustrations that at the same time give great impression on audience. That can be something really catchy but strong in emotion and color combination. I think some of these works are currently among my greatest pieces to date.

Sasha Lend

I am an artist with variety of graphic skills