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Mikel uribetxeberria
January 3, 2018
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I wanted to design a wine decanter where the liquid (wine) is constantly moving, this way the contact with air is more effective and the oxygenation is better. Another condition of the work was that the production process should be 100% manual and made by local craftsmen.

I work as brand consultant for many bodegas in the area of Rioja Alavesa, I´m a wine collector so I love everything about wine. I didn´t love to much the existing wine decanters in the market, I wanted to do something closer to alchemy.

Oteiza describes his sculpture as something empty—an unoccupied space in which mass has disappeared. Oteiza’s nagative space has the same meaning as the Cromlechs—a common megalithic monument found throughout the Basque Country. They are a circle of rocks ranging from 2 to 5 meters in height, with nothing in the middle. Haizea (air in Euskera) creates an interior emptiness that once was filled. In addition, air helps to liberate and improve the flavor of the notes, body and finish of a wine. Made by hand by artisanal masters from the Basque Country, Haizea enables the continuous movement of liquid, encouraging its decantation and oxygenation. Everybody knows that a good wine is created from a good grape from a good vineyard, but after that, the key for a good wine processing is in a path halfway between alchemy and science. Following this path, Haizea significantly contributes to this process with the objective that the wine reaches the glass in a state of utmost excellence.

First I started to investigate the origins of wine, first grape juices, fermentations, experiments, etc... history of wine to the "modern" wines. Then I discovered alchemy and from the junction of the two worlds I started to play the form of the decanter. I made my first sketches and first mockups. Then I started to contact with professionals that could solve the creation process problems. For the production I´ve collaborate with local factories. A group of carpenters and with a glassblower, with them I´ve done those first prototypes.

I made those prototypes and all the stuff around them (video, photographies, etc...) several years ago, but I dont know by I didnt publicate them. I´ve publicate it know, so we will see how is feedback. If its possitive and there is a demand, I´m thinking on doing a Kickstarter for a big production.

What I have learn? As with most of my projects I have learn that making is as important as thinking (of more).
When you are thinking on new ideas is great because you imagine, ideas always looks great in your mind, etc... but you are alone with your ideas, process is limited, many times casual, there could be discovering, but learning is limited. But when you make, you have to solve, you have to organize, interactuate with other people, you have to proof, to fail... and on this process is when you really learn something new and you discover new possibilities, new ways, etc... And when you make there is a reaction, when you think if those ideas are not materialized, those ideas are blown with the wind. Haizea means Air/Wind is basque language.

mikel uribetxeberria

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