Half & Half it is a pen only composed by 2 parts which it is not exist structure from any other pens. It abandoned any spin and springs complicate structures inside. and instead by two beautiful aesthetics pieces. It creates a balance and give possibility for multiple materials colors options to the user to personalized his identity. Also reduced cost and make easy for manufacture. Half & Half make update the inner pen as a fun way, the concave shape is easy get the pen open and close. It was simple, sleek, compact, as well beautiful from outside and inside.

Usually we use pen as it original complex structure, with too many parts and very complex inside. So Half & Half was begin to thinking what will be a more simple way to design a pen. As well what we can improve the inside of the pen be a more beautiful look. And can be simple but different to the exit pen in market.

We researched many different pens and material. Also before it launch we test different material and samples. As it was use a special magnet power, so many samples been made before manufacturer. However it was quite worth in the end. For software we use:Rhino/ Key shot/ sketches / Photoshop

Most people are quite like the sleek looking. Some of them like the 2 different color combinations more than other options. Also most people was appreciate the innovative thinking and the way of this pen’s new structure. It had be received many likes after a short period we post it in BEHANCE and other social webs.

It now was collect funding to make it real. If you want to support us please view at us at kick starter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2070817481/halfandhalf