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Wendy Lin
October 22, 2019

This work is a series of 3d composition artwork. My goal is using only two based colors with some 3d elements to create the work that is emphasizing composition. My logo is part of the artwork in the series. For this project, which is the 3d one in the series, the two based colors are black and orange, to celebrate the upcoming event - Halloween.

Since this early Fall 2019, I've been working a series of Cinema 4d work, focusing on only composition and two based colors, to create an eye-candy artwork. In this project, I chose black and orange as my based colors, and use the upcoming event - Halloween as my theme, to create the artwork celebrate the event. I also believe the positive and negative space in a composition throughout the 3d elements dominate the composition, which is my goal in this series.

I chose to use Cinema 4d as my 3d program and After Effects for the slightly composting program as these two programs are essential tools for motion graphics designers nowadays. For Cinema 4d I first placed every 3d models in the composition, then I colored it and took it to After Effects for the post-production after the rough frame has rendred.

I received a lot of good responding from a lot of different people, either people who are in my field or people in general. I think a good composition is really important to any designer because once the composition is solid, the design could be delivering the right message that the artist wanted to deliver to the audience and not miscommunicating.

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Wendy Lin

I was born and raised in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Growing up in a traditional fine arts environment, I received training in still life painting at an early stage of my life. It was during this time I discovered my passion for fine arts and realized it had a huge impact on my career path later on. I have always been curious about things that are not familiar to me and everything surrounding me could be my inspiration to create art. My career is guided by the principle that experience leads to learning and growth. I received my B.F.A in Motion Media Design at Savannah College of Art and Design in Atlanta and currently pursuing my M.F.A in Motion Media Design.

Artist Statement
I believe visual arts is an essential tool to evoke viewers’ feelings, which is also a bridge to re-connect with each other, especially in this high-speed technology world. I value the creative process much as the final art piece. To be able to tell a heartfelt story is important and through my fine arts and digital background, I express my stories through traditional drawing, 2D cel animation, 3D design, and film-making.

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