Hamburg Minimal by Ali Sahba

“Hamburg Minimal” a photography project by Ali Sahba, visual artist and motion design student based in Hamburg, Germany, who tries to capture the alone standing buildings of Hamburg in a colourful and minimalistic way and edit them to look like an illustration.

I’ve always described myself as a minimalist when it comes to art and design. I really enjoy creating/capturing simple things, without any addition. I like architecture photography a lot. So I tried to combine the art of minimalism and architecture photography in this project, which I know is not something new, but I wanted to try it myself. I also changed the colours to give it a painting look, so if you see the photos it may take you a few seconds to realise wether they are photographs or illustrations.

For this project particularly first of course I go and shoot with my Sony Alpha 7II and my lovely 35mm Zeiss lens. Then I’ll process the photos in Adobe Lightroom and after that some changing in Adobe Photoshop, for example for this project that would be changing the colour of the sky and the buildings themselves.

Until now I’ve only received positive feedbacks, but I guess that’s just people being nice to me.
And yes, I’ve learnt a lot during this project, it’s a progressive way of learning things and I always like to try something new. Not only new in the sense of creating something new, but also getting things done in a new and unusual way, which gives you a new perspective about what you do and what you would like to do in the future.

Ali Sahba

Visual Artist based in Hamburg, Germany