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HAMMER Alarm Clock - Lexon

HAMMER Alarm Clock - Lexon

Jorge Ros Gisbert
March 5, 2018
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With a shape that is preceded by the function, the hammer stimulates the user and becomes a close and friendly product within the bedroom scenario. It offers a perfect balance between simplicity and power. Its geometric lines and care for each of the tangencies provide a unique experience when you are waking up.

Nowadays, most of the domestic gadgets like the alarm clock, have been replaced by new technology. When we wake up, we usually feel irritated due to the lack of energy and excitement, but there are some actions that can motivate us and set the tone of our day.
The initial question of the project was: "Is it possible to start the day with energy?". Most of the alarm clocks are focused on its versatility and having as many functions as possible. In this case, all of them are subordinated to the gesture of turning off the alarm by hitting the table with the rubberized base, an action that helps you liberate energy and start the day with determination.

The language is intended to be fun yet elegant. Taking care that the product is visually pure, soft and approachable to use and live at home as any other home based product.

Initial quick sketches were used to explore a variety of forms, all based in the concept of “pushing".
After the proportion selection, further development with sketching, foam prototypes and CAD to get closer to the final design.
Software used : Rhinoceros, Keyshot, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator.

The overall feedback has been very positive due to the acceptance of such a daring concept.
I find this project fresh, fun yet elegant, innovative and with a strong concept behind : Imagine waking up hitting the table with a hammer.

Jorge Ros Gisbert

Product Designer based in Valencia

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