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Happy Home

Happy Home

Camilla Raso
July 29, 2021
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Start-up Brand ID for a domestic cleaning company, from
Manchester, UK.
Concept :
The profile of our client is a workaholic person, who doesn’t have time to take care of the house, because they work a lot and the little free time they have is left to be enjoyed, whether with family or friends.
For this brand, a logo, slogan, tone of voice, exclusive colors, and a rollout with exclusive products for the brand must be created.

Finding the house clean and orderly brings a feeling of contentment to people.
For this brand, I wanted to bring this feeling of contentment and happiness, humanizing the brand through a friendly tone of voice.
The icon and logo symbolize a house with human feelings: the smiling house after cleaning.
Just like the tagline it also expresses this feeling.

Adobe Illustrator,
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Indesign

I have received a lot of feedback about this project, all the people who look at it say that they really feel content when they see the happy home project and people express the desire to find the house clean and organized.

Camilla Raso

Hello, I'm Camilla, a graphic designer based in NY.
I entered this world of design in 2012 and it doesn't leave anymore. When I work with a client, I delve deeply into their universe and get involved with new opportunities.
I love typography, black and white, neon, geometric shapes, stripes, and polka dots.
If I were a font, I would be Sans Serif just like Futura.

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