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Happy Jaws

Happy Jaws

Daniel De Jesús C.
April 24, 2019
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This world wan be rude sometimes, but we need to be stronger, and in this travel called life, We can find with awesome friends and beautifull things.
Based on the previous premis, the project consisted in the creation of a Little friendly fella from the marine world, because this is an really mysterious part of our planet. So, A little shark with a cute feeling was selected to generate tenderness in the viewer.

In the marine world, the shark is really feared, starting from this point, I thought about giving to it a friendly character, even as a pet, "something beautiful & cute" to see for the people. Because In this world full of fear, we need to find kindness in every part we can.

I was looking for a friendly style, So I had to use a warm palette to give this cute aura.
I created all the textures using nodes in blender, and I was looking for an aspect near of the 2000s videogames to bring to 2019 that great era of our childhood.

I Used Blender 2.7 for the creation of "Happy Jaws"

I started with a Cube, Then I added some edge loops and scale it to the wanted size. I modeled every part with calm and detail, and I extruded some faces to create fins & the little tail.
With all the things made before, the Body of the little shark was taking form, I split it on 2 parts to create the mouth and added Some circles to create eyes. Finally I used a subdivission surface modifier to add softness.

I created a flat plane with an Ocean Modifier, I made some changes into its options and gave it a little animation to find a nice calm form. I modeled a Sphere with a "noise brush" to create the rock on the background.

And for the pose, I Imagined that a Person was near to water and a this little fella came to say hi!

I made this little fella as a personal project and I found that the people reacted pretty nice. They had the feeling of "Aww So Cute", Just as I Wanted and It made me feel, just ... full of happiness, because when you can cause the positive effect on people as you want, It results in a satisficing emotion.

If you have a dream, Like being an illustrator, 3D artist, photographer, or anything you want, Go for it!
The universe will conspire to lead you to the way you need to take. Don't give up! Sometimes It could looks really hard, but it makes you stronger, and one day you will say "I Did it"

Daniel De Jesús C.

Hello, My name is Daniel De Jesus, I'm 26 years old and I'm a Graphic Designer & a System Engineer.

I've been working with the creation of differents objets like guns, armos & pets for a video game.

I want to specialize my career in 3D Modeling. (Blender / ZBrush / Substance Painter)

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