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Happy Thursdays by Ceylan Sahin

Happy Thursdays by Ceylan Sahin

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November 21, 2015

Do you love babies? I mean who doesn't love babies. Ceylan Sahin's latest project "Happy Thursdays" in collaboration with her husband Bediz, the Head of Strategy of Y&R Turkey and their bundle of joy - Timur. They came up with the ideas together and documented Timur's progress as he grow up, little by little. Now, let's see the adorable pictures of Timur!

Ceylan Sahin

Ceylan Sahin

Before Timur was born, my husband and I would look at those projects where moms use their newborns to create magical photographs and sigh. I never thought I would have the time to create anything like this as I knew that taking care of a baby takes all your energy and time but somehow this little project pushed itself on us. As I was working full time during my pregnancy, I never had time to take photos of my growing belly and regretted it. You have to ask someone else to take your pictures and they have to be patient to find the right picture. But with Timur I was the one with the camera and I loved it.
-Ceylan Sahin

Ceylan Sahin

Ceylan Sahin



I gave birth in Boston so I had tons of funny onesies I bought on websites like Etsy. Before long I realised that Timur was growing every day and if I didn't use the onesies they will stay in the drawer forever. Since I gave birth in the middle of winter, most of the onesies I bought were useless in that weather. So I started taking his photo every Thursday just for fun and posted it on my Instagram account. This started when he was 9 weeks with a onesie that said "Brand spanking new" on it.
-Ceylan Sahin



In Turkey we are extremely superstitious and my family wouldn't let me post anything online until he was older because they were worried of the Evil Eye :). But I got my husband to agree on one pic a week with the Thursday pics. I started taking the photos with my iPhone at first but when I tried to make an album and got some printed, I saw that the resolution was terrible. So I switched to my Canon EOS 5D Mark II. After a while I started running out of onesies to use so I started designing my own.
-Ceylan Sahin



Honestly I don't know how to answer some of your questions. How would I describe my style? I have no idea. At the end of the day I am just trying to do my best with what I have at home. The photo shoots always end up with me soaked in sweat as you have to get the attention of your totally uninterested baby first and make sure that he doesn't eat anything that's around him. I try to make a balanced layout every time but once I place Timur in the picture, he starts exploring and things go kaboom! I usually take at least 100 photos to find the perfect one. Some days are unlucky and I have to try a couple of times. At the end I know I will be leaving him a great souvenir of the first year of his life which he will not remember at all if not for these pictures.
-Ceylan Sahin



I know that when he grows up he will have his own opinions about me. Good and bad (probably mostly bad as parents are the easiest culprit for everything that's wrong with the world :). I want him to look at these pictures and know that he was loved and cherished. That he was the most beautiful and interesting creature in the world for us.
-Ceylan Sahin



My inspirations were those moms I used to see on blogs and admire :) About the advice part, it doesn't seem like it's my place to give advice for doing something I love. But if I really had to say something: I didn't think this would become a project, I just started doing something I love and repeated doing it regularly. Make, create, don't stop and it will transform with time, you will transform with time and it will become something.
-Ceylan Sahin




You can see more photos here.

About Ceylan Sahin

Ceylan Sahin studied graphic design and illustration in Pratt İnstitute and after graduation she came back to Istanbul where she's from. She worked in a local ad agency for 3 years as an art director, tried freelancing, then started working in their family company Modern Elektronik (the distributor of Bose in Turkey) as the Marketing Director. Her work gave her the time she needed to work on her illustrations at night but this all changed when she gave birth to her son Timur. See more of her amazing works on Behance.

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