Harpa by Per Tore Molvær

Today’s feature is about a building that will stunned you all throughout your day. This is the Harpa building which is located in Reykjavik and it is one of the astonishing buildings I’ve ever seen in my life. The designs are very classy and elegant. No wonder why Per Tore Molvær, a 30 year old photographer from west-coast of Norway perfectly captured the beauty of it. Let us take a look at this beautiful building and be inspired. Enjoy!

Initially I was in Reykjavik on an other assignment, but I was lucky to be able to stop by the Harpa and take some pictures. The town is very small, so I got to visit the building multiple times during different times of day.

– Per Tore Molvær



When I first saw the Harpa building in Reykjavik, I was stunned. The metal, glass and light combined into a magnificent construction. My approach to architecture photography is to study the building from all angles, inside and out, before I take the pictures. I want to feel the mood and explore the place before I grab my camera.

– Per Tore Molvær



I used my Fujifilm x100s to take the pictures, with its similar to 35mm objective. Great for architecture!

– Per Tore Molvær


About Per Tore Molvær

Per Tore Molværa is a 30 year old photographer who grew up on the west-coast of Norway, but now lives in Oslo. He started taking pictures when he got his first dSLR camera 10 years ago. He went to Trondheim and studied for two years at the Norwegian School of Photography, and this is were he really started to grow as a photographer. Because of his childhood on the country, his bonds to nature are very strong and he always long to wander in unexplored landscapes. He mostly shoot moody landscapes but also food, portraits and some architecture. Photography to him is all about conveying a specific mood and an underlying story in a simple, scandinavic expression. He seeks the authentic and real through combining documentary and fine-art to create commercial images you want to frame and put up on your wall at home. You can find more of his artworks on his Behance profile or website.