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Hazy / Decorative Lamp

Hazy / Decorative Lamp

Serife Altan
April 30, 2017

Hazy; is a lighting equipment with a warm and timeless pattern through to the unique texture of the rattan. The main form is inspired from the nature. The general structure of the Hazy, which is designed as a lighting equipment, is reminiscent of the leaf form details.

Rattan weaving generally apply to a classical type furniture, but it also adapts to modernized lines perfectly.
Main frame made by turned wood and covered with velvet fabric. This caused softened the detail of rattan texture. Rattan causes filtered to luminary, without losing capacity. Hazy has an elegant flow from the beginning to the top. The color of the velvet coating may vary according to the request.

The Hazy project started with inspiration from basic leaf sketches. First checks were made from these sketch. The main frame was made with wood in the first drawings. Creating different contrast between rattan and frame has added more character to the design. We decided to use velvet fabric in pastel shades to accompany the soft touch of Rattan. And we see that; the main carcase covered with velvety fabric provides integrity.
After that minor corrections were made in the 3DMax, such as dimensional corrections.
Mock up was produced and the accuracy of the design was checked. Hazy creates well-balanced brightly areas owing to its light-transmitting texture.

Hazy is the most popular product among the products I designed recently. In general, all the critics were good. Rattan and wood crafting are familiar for me. I have considerable experience in wood crafting. So that it's not difficult for me thinking design with wood and other natural materials. This must be the reason for all the good critics.

I just believe that it is necessary to match the right materials and get rid of unnecessary details. When designing I like to be brave and devastating.

Serife Altan

Product Designer

10 comments on “Hazy / Decorative Lamp”

  1. It is slightly unsuitable to use lighting fixtures made of flammable materials such as rattan, fabric, wood due to fire danger. A short circuit spark is always possible. You must control specs about it. First of all a design must meet safety standarts. As they say. Safety first !!!

    1. This is a nice review, but there is so many solution to solve your problem.
      Let me explain all possible bad stories and their solutions;

      In industrial useage we use mostly fiberglass protecter for problems that may arise from the explosion of the lamp. The fiberglass sheet is placed at the top of the Led. As you know Led bulb does not heat.

      For any possible circuit spark a simple electrical fuse is a nice solution. Which I think it should be the same solution for all electrical devices. Also all cables are produced flame retardant.

      Fire retardant liquid chemicals are available for materials such as wood, or fabrics. This is a standard application in high quality companies, and as you know most of companies use plastic materials which is more flameable than wood and fabrics. Therefore, we hate to use plastic or other petroleum products.

      So that your review is true but, if you have mastered engineering solutions, designs become complete and safety.

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