Headlights of Geneva 2017

After attending the Geneva Motor Show this year, I decided to create a photo recopilation of some of the most interesting car headlight details . The objective was to make something useful or inspiring for automotive designers or anyone else.

Even this is a photo collection, it’s also a typical part of the product design phase and how I’ve always been working.
First of all, when you come up with an idea you have to investigate what’s in the market. If someone wanted to design a car headlight, she or he would probably have to make something like this in order to analyse the competitors in a deep way. This could be one interpretation, but anyone could find this recopilation useful to design any object (for example a chair with a particular volumetry) or only for entertainment.
In case of cars, I think that nowadays you can find lots of volumes, textures or forms that could give you fresh ideas in your design process.

First, I made a selection of the best photos and then, even only small changes were made, I used Camera Raw for the postprocessing, thinking a bit on the noise and the light. The process is not mechanical but intuitive, and always depends a bit on your taste.

They found it inspiring or simply beautiful.
I have an incredible time analysing all these vehicles in Geneva. At the same time, with my love for photography, I made something that people could find inspiring, so I feel heartened with it.

Hope you appreciate my work and thanks for watching!

Pablo Doldán

Product Designer from A Coruña, northern Spain.
Passionate about music, photography and particularly automotive.
I like questioning how the world is made in order to inspire and propose new solutions that could change it.