As a bolognese, I grew up eating the best cuisine and this is a tribute to my favourite foods and drinks. To whom I gave a face.
Tortellini in brodo, Tagliatelle al RagĆ¹, Polpette con Piselli, Mortadella e Rosetta, Parmigiano, Tomato and Basil Pasta, Lambrusco wine, Beer. What else to be happy? ?

It evolved from an unsuccessful project designed to promote emilian food and goods at Milan Expo 2015. Although the client declined it, I didn’t want to waste all those little funny ‘people’, so I gave them a bold background and a frame and kept the project alive on my own.
However, it remains a work in progress as I add new characters every now and then.

As I usually do, I first pencil draw (outline only) on my sketchbook, then import, trace in Illustrator and fine tune in Photoshop. Traditional pencil drawing is the most important step, as I can easily define the shape and the mood in each of my works.

People and potential clients appreciated it! It also brought new commissions, besides selling prints.
It also have been fun to work on, so it was more like a pastime. And maybe this influenced the good vibes it had attracted šŸ™‚

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Beatrice Tinarelli

Freelance illustrator, cartoonist and graphic designer from Bologna, Italy.
When I grow up, I will be an astronaut.