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Henge Hill

Henge Hill

Bartosz Domiczek
March 12, 2020
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Henge Hill is the project of virtual architecture. The house is designed upon the footprints of an old farm storage building which used to tower over the picturesque olive slopes. The crude craftsmanship of the remaining shell is partially restored and displayed in order to anchor the newly arranged suites of rooms deep in genius loci. The wall of old arcades cut and frame the views in the same way it used to do in the past. The new enfilade is structurally separated, bent around the small central courtyard and extended further underneath the excavated slope to provide the supporting utility areas. The natural terrain basin is used for the location of the pool. It is receded and elevated above the main roof level so as the created space is very intimate and offers a panoramic view at the same time.

I strongly believe that due to the constant technological progress, we are at the verge of new possibilities of creating unique forms of computer-generated environments. Being active for the last 10 years in this relatively young industry of architectural visualization allows me to discern the shift in clients' needs and how they are (or still cannot be) satisfied with available resources.

Deep learning, photogrammetry, real-time rendering are but a few concepts that mark the advent of brand new fields of activity. One of them might be virtual tourism. Born from the necessity for creating digital backups of our endangered monuments and the will to bring the beauty of remote lands and cultures to people that cannot afford travelling, it is becoming also the answer to those who became disappointed with Instagram era tourism and all its well-known flaws.

Virtual architecture is arising as another new frontier of the industry. There is substantial demand for customized, curated digital spaces. They are used for the marketing of external products, being featured in cinematic productions and utilized as interactive environments in VR activities. Having a possibility to show an attractive, previously unseen piece of architecture is considered to be a strong feat in many applications. The additional opportunity to adjust that architecture entirely to fit an individualized purpose is something entirely extraordinary.

Bartosz Domiczek

Architect & CG Artist

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