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Mónica Carrero
December 2, 2019
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Conceptualization, design and production of showcases for the renowned French brand Hermes, in its store in Panama

When sleeping, the subconscious stays awake and allows us to see the beauty of the unknown,
the surreal and magical inside our minds. In these windows we want to represent the
connection between our subconscious and our dreams.

There is an open door that is pulling us in. We walk inside and it leads us to an enchanted
garden that represents the world inside our minds; A place where our desires, experiences and
memories come together to fabricate dreams. We see how the dream is forming, growing and

There is a light that is so powerful that attracts all the beauty that is around it. Magical things start
to fly and blossom. We feel happy and at peace and we don’t want to wake up, but there is a strong
force suctioning us out of this fantastic world.

We can’t resist any longer and we open our eyes.
We are awake, but something has changed.
We were touched by our dream.

Hermes, it always has an annual theme for its showcases, for that year the theme was: "Dream".

The inspiration came from my dreams, or rather: my nightmares :), I always wake up at night and see things in my room that are not there, at the beginning the idea was more literal, like more monster-style forms, leaving at the end a Enchanted, surreal and fantastic forest that comes out of the closet, enters through the window and invades your room.

The materials were: cloth, cotton, foam, in general padded materials, because the final all this happens while you are sleeping and your direct contact is with the sheets and the mattress.

Pencil sketches on paper, assembly in Photoshop, then each piece and specifications in Illustrator. Then the tool kits are delivered to a carpenter who made the pieces in wood, funds and structures and two seamstresses cooked by hand and with a sewing machine all the pieces in fabric. Then all the equipment in store we did the assembly and placement of products.

The client was happy with the result, people approached the showcase curious, in general the comments were super positive. The learning was, that if you can explore other materials and other techniques to obtain different results, that teamwork is always the most important thing, each person who was involved put their knowledge and skills.

Agency: Kiosco Creativo
Seamstresses: Laura Sittioni and Janette
Carpenter: Alfonso Sánchez

Mónica Carrero

Art Director / Illustrator / Tattoo Artist


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