Design: Nastya Zakharchenko, Aleksandra Nuzhnaya, Hanna Oganesyan, Aleksey Stepanov
Visualization: Toma Podolyanko
Location of the object: Dnepr. Ukraine
Area: 90 m2
The project was developed by the creative Espace team, in which I worked.
Bright, modern and elegant apartment for a young family with two children.

The main task for us was to divide the two functional zones – the kitchen and the living room. That is why we used a sliding door system, which created an easily transformable space .Spectacular colors, soft textiles, a combination of marble and wood created an interior with a special character.

In the process of work, different techniques, methods, and software were used. As usual everything started with a sketch on a piece of paper. Further, taking into account the changes and in ArchiCad the final drawing was created. Next work was done on visualizing the project and creating a demonstration material. At this stage were used: Autodesk 3ds Max, Corona Renderer and Adobe Photoshop.

Thanks to this project, we noticed that even despite the popularity at the present time of minimalism and simplicity in the interiors, warm and cozy styles are also very popular.
Many people who saw this project left extremely positive feedback, highlighting the comfort and harmony of the interior.

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Toma Podolianko

My name is Toma and I am working like CG artist and interior designer in Espace team.
I am fond of design and visualization, at this moment I am familiar with such programs as 3DMax + Corona-render.