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Híjole! Taquería Branding by Hayden Davis

Híjole! Taquería Branding by Hayden Davis

Stephen Malapote
June 23, 2015
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Today we present to you a branding work for a fictional restaurant created by Hayden Davis. Hayden has delivered a stylish and modern approach to the traditional Mexican style and turned it into something impressive. Read on!

A personal design project for a fictional Taquería called ¡Híjole! Híjole is a Spanish exclamation like Wow! or No Way! I wanted the taquería to have a clean modern design aesthetic while still having a very authentic Mexican style.

-Hayden Davis

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About the Designer

Hayden is a student from Provo, Utah currently finishing his BFA in Graphic Design in Brigham Young University. Find out more about him by visiting his website and Behance.

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