His Blue Speckled Eye

The Nature and Psyche Project is about an inherent and ongoing, silent imaginal dialogue between the Earth and Humans. The project illuminates the relationship the Earth has to humans as well as its own inherent sovereignty as an entity. Emily Davis is a Goddard College Alumna lives and works within and around Acadia National Park and has fallen deeply in love with the ineffable mysteries of the world.
“His Blue Speckled Eye” was taken outside, in the maple trees, at twilight down the street from the Historic Yourcenar House, “Le Petite Plaisance”.

Like all great photographs, poems, or pottery projects the image was emergent from an organic imaginal creative process. I had been wandering around the gardens of Northeast Harbor, Maine and came upon a twilight maple tree. The photograph came from an intense desire to be in the deep recesses of the tree, in the colors of its deep branches, and in the energy of the tree, as I understood it at the time. All of the images within the photograph are of organic forms and were startlingly of the Earth’s own imaginative or soulful process.

The image was taken with a Nikon and cropped using an Apple computer, very simple with no further fussing. There were no embellishments of any kind to the photograph, it came out interestingly whole, as it was, without the need for the use of PS (perhaps much to the chagrin of my friends on the cloud). Part of the sheer joy of my current project is the minimal use of technology and the raw experiencing and direct perceptions of Nature.

People have loved the sheer simple organic beauty of the image on Behance, as part of my ongoing and unfolding portfolio. I will be interested to see how a new audience responds to the work at 2000px Perhaps new opportunities will arrive because of its being seen.

Thank you for looking and responding! I am always open to email!

Emily Davis

Emily Candler Davis is a multi-modal artist (pottery, poetry, bodywork, Pecha Kucha and painting) enjoying photography of an anthroposophic nature at the moment and tries to take photos illustrative of the world’s imaginative soul at work. She graduated from Goddard College, who has pieces in Permanent Collection.