Hive Flashlight by Daulet Alshynbayev

The project name “Hive Flashlight” suggested the shape and character of the Russian letter “У” which equates to letter U in English language. Let us take a look and may this give you an idea in your next project. Enjoy!

I picked up this thing on the road, when a few days you can leave the city in the mountains or other places where there is no light, and civilization. I was also interested in the question of optimization. Going camping I always want to take a smaller things, because behind all this needs to be done, not to lose, and even bring back. Life – is a big campaign and would like more of some universal things that do not clutter up your space. Hive in this respect acts as a simple cap for a water bottle, hermetically keeping a liquid.

– Daulet Alshynbayev



The first – cost diodes. Second – water. Water as a vehicle energy waves and light. Water amplifies everything. If the clouds in the sky, it will darken them if direct light on it, it will strengthen it and nice to play with him. Nowhere is the idea itself came at the right time. The situation was like Tetris in a certain order.

– Daulet Alshynbayev



The problem was diodes. I’m not a technician and it took me a while to understand and set the best ratio between the number of diodes and their operation time. I met several times with my friends, who explained to me how they work, talked about lumens and production of chips in the case of production.

– Daulet Alshynbayev



I got one revision for this project. In the first version, it was a stand where the bottle is screwed. But then I began to ask questions. The bottle may be because the water? For a device to be sustainable it is necessary to make it quite difficult, but it’s a portable unit, and in life it is not carry away, so that the weight should be as easy.How can we simplify the device? After answering these questions it is a decision in itself.

– Daulet Alshynbayev



About Daulet Alshynbayev

Daulet Alshynbayev works freelance and does graphic designing in his spare time inventing useful things for himself and a few photographs. He always wanted to engage in product design and create something really useful and interesting. You can find more of his works on his Behancee profile.