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Nauris Jefimenoks
May 27, 2021
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Design: Maarika Neiland
Visualization: Nauris Jefimenoks
Location: Tallinn, Estonia
Year: 2021
Area: 42 sq. m

This project is about how to turn a small living space into a comfortable space in a minimalist style. The client's main wish was to keep the space airy and clean, with simple shapes and lines. It was an important thing that the space looks as spacious as possible.

The idea was to make the space clean and light however to add an interesting notes to it. Therefore I used soft colours. Also wanted to add some kinda game in colours and textures. And of course all the light fixtures that had been chosen finished the space nicely.

All the visualizations done by visualizator Nauris Jefimenoks . All the technical drawings done in Autocad by Maarika Neiland. It was important to make comfortable place to live yet trendy and minimalist.

Nauris Jefimenoks

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