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Homeless Crew Branding by Sabum Byun

Homeless Crew Branding by Sabum Byun

Honey Adraque
February 24, 2016
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Homeless Crew Branding is the brand to play with all the people in the world. The purpose of this brand is to enjoy together and record together. Currently, it’s a small brand but rather than to extend commercially, we want people to record with this brand name and get happy with it. Read on and enjoy!

We are the crew who enjoys variety of exercises including backpacking, bicycling, climbing etc.
What we enjoys are the actions that are doing in outside whether than inside. So, we defined brand naming as Homeless Crew that this is the thing that we are playing and sleeping in outside.

- Sabum Byun





From most of the information about the places where we went and the objects we used during backpacking. Most of us work in Korea, so the design was based on the experience we’ve been playing in the most of the places in Korea. We have Homeless representative BI and this combines with the shape flexible. To make badges and stickers, made bicycle, climbing, backpacking, camping, beer etc. symbols in variation of design. Also our brand is casual, so we used handwritten fonts in making typography identity and used white and black in color identity. It defined as associates with any color.

- Sabum Byun





No challenges during making this brand. The reason is designed by myself and also confirmed by myself. This brand is not a request from the client. It is the brand by gathered people who want to create, so there was no problem.

- Sabum Byun





About Sabum Byun

Sabum Byun is a designer in digital experience fields in 13 years. Currently, he works on UI design, which is an application and website digital media design. He runs PlusX Experience Design Agency in Korea. You can find more of his works on his Behance profile or website.

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