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Jose Arechavala
July 7, 2018
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One of many design proposals developed for the Post-Urban Living Innovation (PULI) research project conducted by Chiba University in Japan. Working with product designers and engineers from various universities, working in collaboration to employ design against crime. Using design thinking and field research to develop a strategy of effective solutions for consumers living in Mexico during the year 2040 and beyond.

Interior design has historically been a reflection of the current factors demonstrated by society. Cultural, economic, and societal norms are expressed through a homeowner's belongings, whether they are aware of it or not. homu begins in this context, yet evolves beyond towards the daily routine of its users. Conceptually, a safety net has been draped over the residence as an intelligent agent maintaining emergency incidents at zero, ubiquitously. Using the main hub as the bridge that connects other peripherals, one could expand the security system to accommodate living conditions as necessary. Using IoT technology as a platform of device communication, enambling notification alerts reacting to programmed activation triggers in the protocol.

Japanese engineers tend to work within a rigurous culture of iteration, taking the design process to an arduous process of constant creating and recreating. Comprehending the user's needs was the first step, so we interviewed potential clients and analyzed common procedures taken by homeowners in protecting their home. We then envisioned how this could extrapolate to user behaviour in 25 years. We defined certain parameters, such as inuitive design/UI, ubiquity, real-time data, and tactical authority compliance. During ideation, we brainstormed an array of possible system designs that could suit our objective, considering "yes, and..." ideas and "how can we..." situations. We then utilized CAD software such as Alias, Inventor, and Keyshot to shape our concepts.

Families and homes play a very important role in people’s lives; it’s the main core of a society. It’s the place where people spend most of the time of their daily basis and the space they consider the safest. If your house gets robbed, the safety perception of it would decrease drastically. It robs your own identity and personal information.

Our audience quickly grasped the relevance and importance of design applied in this context, and had a really positive reception to the project proposal.

Creating a security mesh around your home is as simple as plug and play. Short setup times and intuitive UI generates a sense of serenity during, and after the nesting of the homu system.

Jose Arechavala

Product designer focused on the current wave of disruptive technology and industrial science.

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