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Christopher Sarkisian
June 3, 2018
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Hone is a modern desk lamp that aims to increase and maintain productivity in the workplace. By placing your phone on the base of the lamp it will not only charge your phone but place it into work mode as well. When the base detects your phone and work mode is initiated putting your phone into Do Not Disturb mode ceasing all notifications. This allows the user to stay focused on the task at hand by removing the distraction of constant cell phone interference.

My overall intent was to design a beautiful desk lamp that focus' on improving individual productivity in the workplace. Cell phones are a distraction in the workplace and having something that would eliminate notifications would improve the overall productivity as well as reduce workflow disturbances.

I began the process with sketching different iterations of desk lamps, when I found the idea I liked most I focused my attention to the details like the hinge and articulation, on/off, should I have the wire exposed in the back or not? After that was complete I used SolidWorks to create a 3D model of the desk lamp and Keyshot for the renders. Photoshop was the format used to put together the presentation.

The overall consensus has been quite positive, people really like the minimal design as well as the work mode feature it provides. This was my first dive into lighting design which was overwhelming at the beginning due to the vast possibilities of what lighting design could be. I learned whats most important to the user and applied the most practical and efficient solutions I could through this lamp without doing too much.

I would like to build this a model of this concept to further my understanding of lighting design and manufacturing.

Christopher Sarkisian

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