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Honest To Date

Honest To Date

September 17, 2018
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Honest To Date looks blur the line between desert and dessert, with dates that are hand prepared using unique recipes that mix pure cocoa, exotic fruits and even gold leaf. Firm believers that nature provides the best desserts, the brands identity shares a cute approach that focuses on warmth and sweetness.

Since the whole organic/artisanal trend is probably too much already, we wanted to create something simple, that had a sweet-homemade feel to it. Colors are inspired by the Sonoran desert (where the dates are grown) and materials were selected to feel natural.

Branding started the classic way, working on white paper with just a pencil. After this, everything turned to vectors using Adobe Ilustrator to polish every line and create a clean logo. Every application after was designed using vectors to convey a simple sense of design where nothing is "photoshopped".

The brand is in pre-luanch phase, but testing proved positive as people feel the branding has a down to earth feel. Even though the dates are prepared using high end materials, the client didn't want people thinking it was a cold/snobby brand, and this was achieved.


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