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Hyeongseop lee
September 11, 2018
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The earphones “HOO” has a hole into which a user can blow like using a whistle. The hole makes it easier to remove any residue inside the earphones.
We are trying to figure out the fundamental solution for removing residues by designing it more safely and clearly.

Earphones are the products which are the closet to human skin. Using them for a long time leads to accumulation of some residues on the filter, which does any harm the users’ ears by causing bacterial growth. Stumbling upon a dust blown by the wind made me come up with the idea of removing residues easily by users’ blowing up.

We investigated the shapes of various products. We also found problems with existing earphones.Modeling was done through RHINO3D and rendered with KEYSHOT6. and I have arranged through ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR and PHOTOSHOP as post work. And we have made image appropriately for behance submission.

they generally liked it. There was a good evaluation of the presentation composition. There is no change in the existing earphone form. but You will feel new to the way you use it. Through this work I thought I needed an understanding of the new usage.

The earphones “HOO” are Bluetooth ones in which a damper and a wind tube were added so that the wind blown by the users would not have any negative effect on internal parts. The wind put through the tube removes the residues, moving along the filters.
There are some cases that we cannot use something safely or efficiently because of lack of awareness. On the way to find a way to figure out the problem, we have gotten known the unclean problem of earphones

hyeongseop lee

product student, repubric of korea

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