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Hot Winter Fire Butter

Hot Winter Fire Butter

Li Zhao
January 15, 2018
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A drawing of a girl, who posted the photo on her IG. I found that by chance, like that expression on her face. Just funny so I sketched it and doing that like my diary. I sketch almost every day and trying to share my work with everyone!

why i gave this title for this drawing?
In fact, I am not very logical either. Perhaps it is winter,yes, I am in Italy. I eat butter here, oh no, actually, I am cooking it. Maybe at this time I need a fire to burn my passions, to burn the winter, and at the same time, my butter burn in the pan.
by the way, perhaps also to the rhyme.

material: colored pencils+ballpoint pen on paper by hand

You need a creative passion at the beginning of the process, you need to have more courages, you need to tap all your potential, oh yes, the only thing you do not need is rubber, he's a bad thing, he erases your history and also the beautiful impression on the paper, he is hypocritical, not sincere.
Then you need to be full of confidence, you can slow down your speed, no one is forcing you, let your inspiration push you slowly forward, at the same time you also have to control the overall picture, when you put down the pen that moment , you will suddenly find that you may have completed this piece.
So, congratulations!

obviously, they like them a lot and often asking me ho to doing, how to get more and more better and some questions about the techniques and methods. We often interact and teach each other, I need to thank them a lot.

Skill comes of practice!

Li Zhao

A chinese young artist graduated from academy of fine arts in China and then in Italy. loving illustration, painting, print-marking and creative things.

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