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HOURS Gaming App by Radek Skrzypczak

HOURS Gaming App by Radek Skrzypczak

Marianne Piano
February 2, 2016
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HOURS Gaming App is a personal project by our artist, Radek Skrzypczak. He is an avid PS3/PS4 player and has wanted to view his game play statistics. However, it was not possible on PS4, so he got inspired in making the App through an existing platform for PC. Let's check it out!

App counts the time we spent on playing games on Playstation 3/4. We have access to a whole range of hourly stats etc, app is based primarily on statistics.

- Radek Skrzypczak




I don't know exactly how much time it took me to finish it, but about 3 weeks, in the meantime other projects. I used Photoshop and After Effects for animations.

- Radek Skrzypczak


From time to time I play on my PS4/3 and I miss the ability to view various stats, so I decided to create a concept like HOURS Gaming App. You know, I like much video games and view various statistics, such as how many hours I played the game x in the last week etc. There is a site - Xfire - unfortunately only for the PC gamers, so I decided to create my concept for PS4.

- Radek Skrzypczak<


Create. Inspire yourself. Enjoy what you are doing. Do what you love.

- Radek Skrzypczak



Radek Skrzypczak is a self-taught, freelance mobile UI/UX/animation designer from Poland. He loves design, good design of everything. Also, he's an amateur photographer for some time, you can see some of his photos here. He is an enthusiast of gaming, carting and billiards.

See more of his artworks in Behance and his website.

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