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House Concept : Low Energy Consumption

House Concept : Low Energy Consumption

Marie-chantal Rochais
February 22, 2018
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The customer wanted to build his first house in accordance with nature. The plot was in the countryside, so there was no obstruction to light and less construction's regulations regarding to the design and materials.
Therefore, we could design the house with a specific space planning to reduce its energy consumption.

The structure of the house is designed to regulate temperatures by using the sun. We've analyzed the sun's movements to place each room in a certain direction and with a certain number of windows, according to its fonction.
About the insulation, an eco-friendly material has been used: straw. Its thermal capacities help to cool down or warm up the house. Vegetal roofs are another solution that has been used in the project. As well as helping the temperature regulation, it's a nice feature.
Finally, we used for the exterior, different materials that are eco-friendly or locally produced (like slate).

This house has been labelled BBC (Batiment Basse Consommation = Low Consumption Building) according to new environmental laws in France.

To give an idea of the exterior appearance to the customer, i've drawn by hand, two perspectives and the elevations of the house (north/south/west/east). This, gave him a global idea about the materials and where they needed to be located, as well as how the volumes were positioned.
Pencil / Markers

The customer was pleased with the project. We designed this house according to his values by reducing our impact on the environment.
This kind of house can reduce energy consumption by 20% depending on the system used to warm up the house (this house use geothermal system).

I really enjoyed working on this project because i learned that if you want to work with mother nature, you can do it. Architectural and Design projects must now been conceived without ignoring environmental problems that we are facing.

Marie-chantal Rochais

I've always wanted to create and transforme everything that surrounds me. I like to imagine the possibilities of how things could be. So i enjoy trying to work with different techniques and mediums. Playing with colors, materials and light, allow me to conceive unique projects. Having fun during the process and sharing it with my colleagues and clients is essential. 
It is important to me that we live in spaces that resemble us, and make us feel alive. That's why i look at the big picture to see how everything connects. Every detail count when you want to define the places people live and work in. That's how Architecture and Design should give people unique experiences.

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