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House Of Sand

House Of Sand

Roberto Filho
August 5, 2021
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The house is located in front of the Mediterranean, in a place where an imposing dune protects the coast from storms. This starting point defines the project configuration. The house materializes with two volumes arranged perpendicular to each other.
In order to have a view of the sea, the program of uses of the house is inverted in opposition to the traditional scheme, the day zone is placed on the upper floor so that you can look over the dune and the lower level roofed as a viewpoint. The night area is located at entrance level, perpendicular to the sea. The circulation is arranged in the most public part of the land open to the pool area, while the rooms open onto a beautiful consolidated garden with small species that existed in the place.
The upper floor's cantilever ends with a kind of cloister open to the sky that allows to light the main room to the south while maintaining privacy, while casting the necessary shadow on the lower floor. The staircase is drawn at the intersection of both volumes, marking the house's access point.
(Text description provided by the architects)

Arquitetos principais: Fran Silvestre, María Masià, Fran Ayala
Vizualização: @Studio_roberto_filho
Referencia: Fran Silvestre Architecture
Studio RF
Tipo de Projeto: Residencial
Email: [email protected]

I've always been an admirer of the projects of the architect Fran Silvestre and I decided to recreate one of his works "House Of Send", what calls my attention the most in this work and the simplicity of the forms and the minimalist style.

3Ds Max - Corona Renderer - Photoshop

The recreation of his work in the form of rendering allowed other ways to look at the project.

Roberto Filho

Arquiteto e Urbanista formado pela Universidade Católica de Brasília (UCB). Fundador do STUDIO RF um studio criativo que possibilita o contato dos clientes com o futuro criando a experiência de trazer para o presente a oportunidade de conhecer o seus projetos e sonhos.

Trabalhamos com Renderizações 3D realista, Ilustrações 3D, Animações digitais, Plantas humanizadas e Realidade virtual.

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