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House SPI/Spado Architects

House SPI/Spado Architects

Dung Nguyen Ba
November 9, 2016

Hi guys, this is my latest personal work.

I started it last year and never had chance to finish it until now.

Inspired by a real house by Spado Architects, which you can see on this Archdaily article :

I will not call this finished as I might get back to this scene and take some new "photos"
So here are some of the renderings at the moment.

Been inspired by traditional paintings and photography for years so I decided to make this scene for my experiments. It was fun playing with this project ( compositions, lightings, colors theory.. )

Each day I discover something new. Really motivated. And happy with the results.
Sometimes I feel Iike wanna quit. But then new ideas came to my mind and I just keep "photograph" it ?

I used 3ds Max for modeling, Itoo Forest for the landscape with may trees and vegetations. Rendered with Corona 1.5 and a bit of post-production with Photoshop and Camera RAW.

I started with modeling the basic shape of house and the terrain surround.
The most time-consuming part is to create the environments with lots of trees, bushes and vegetations.
To achieve natural look, it is very important to observe real life environments, analys and try to re-create it in 3D.

I tried a lot of combinations with camera angles, lightings and compositions. There are so many ideas come and I wanted to capture it all but I couldn't

The responses of people for this project are really positive, so far. I'm glad receiving many compliments and greetings from other artists from different countries.

This project helped me to find my motivations back. A lot of fun and inspirations. And I have learned one important thing " Finish not Perfect"

I'm launching Archviz Training with Corona for English-speaking people so if you are intersted in attending my course, here is full details of the course ?

Dung Nguyen Ba

My name is Nguyen Ba Dung, I'm from Vietnam
I have a studio : and we do architecture & interior design, visualization and graphics training.
We are young team with passion and years of experiments in architecture and visualization.
With more than 5 years of experience, we are well organized, have a great team and we deliver on time and to budget. The majority of our work comes from longstanding relationships and word of mouth

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