House X3 by Reini Wust

House X3 was more a study than a specific design task. When I start working on a project I don’t have an overall image of the result in my head. Usually the first part is to collect impressions and ideas to generate a rough philosophy for the project.
-Reini Wust

For House X3 I sat down and did the classical architects work: designing a ground floor. Even in pure visualization projects I am over pedantic when it comes to functional design. I don’t like to fake parts of the building, just to make it look better.

My philosophy for the visualization design was to create a dusky and melancholic atmosphere. Just like when the summer is over and its starting to get colder.
The connection between interior and exterior is then becoming more contrasty.
-Reini Wust



As you may see my main inspiration was Alex Romans “The Third & The Seventh” movie. His unique work was a milestone in CGI history and in my opinion is unsurpassed so far.
-Reini Wust



It was just a playful study to train and improve my skills I’m certainly aware, that House X3 has its flaws. It wasn’t meant to be perfect.
-Reini Wust



Well, I could totally shout out some empty phrases now. But I just say one thing: Do stuff for yourself and do not dump the market, because we produce individual and valuable products, not just mass-produced goods.
-Reini Wust

About Reini Wust

Reini Wust recently joined ‘darstellungsart’ -a creative network based in Erfurt, Germany. Their company specializes in architecture visualization and product design. Reini is an architecture student and is currently working on his master thesis. See more of his work at Behance.