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Houses at Canning by Francisco Marchisio

Houses at Canning by Francisco Marchisio

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October 29, 2015

Houses at Canning, is a project where the rationality and functionality had to be present. The way we could show those modern projects, come out after different proofs of lighting and environment, a rational environment to enjoy the life outdoors, being in contact with nature.

When I was a child, my family and I moved to the south of Argentina, to the Patagonia. It was different from here. It rains a lot there. We lived in the middle of the forest in a wooden cabin between mountains. I think that inspired me and did a mark on me.
-Francisco Marchisio

1 Fachada LDSM 1 . ArqRender

My inspirations as I said started in the Patagonia. It comes from the trips I did too, from walking to the city and from observing the environment. From my college also.
-Francisco Marchisio

1 Fachada LDSM 2 - ArqRender

I believe that achieving one's best work comes from a place that inspires us, surrounded by elements that nurture us and observation, especially observation. I am repetitive, but it's very important in the work of a visualizer.
-Francisco Marchisio

Contrafachada LDSM 1 - ArqRender

My style is modern, functional, rational, with honest materials. However, the work of a visualizer must adapt because we have different kind of customers; some classics, some modern, some country style, etc. and we need to focus on each style to get the results customer is waiting for.
-Francisco Marchisio

Contrafachada LDSM 2 - 1 ArqRender

My little advice is always try to do your best. Sometimes, this works can turn some heavy, because the rendering times use to be so long, so a big patience is required! but it´s all good work. It allows you to work in the place you want, in the city/country you wish, because you just need 3 things: Notebook, wifi and a charging system.
-Francisco Marchisio

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About Francisco Marchisio

Francisco Marchisio from is a 27-year-old Architecture and Urabnism student at UNL from Santa Fe, Argentina. He lives on the seventh floor with his girlfriend and two cats. Francisco has always loved art in all its forms and all the cultures in this world. When he save enough money, he will travel to different countries. He believes that by exposing himself to different cultures, it helps him get more inspiration and nourish himself. See more of his works on Behance or his Facebook.

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  1. Hey Francisco! These renders are really cool! It looks very natural, hope to see more of your amazing works in the future. :) Congratulations!

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