Hover Board Characters

This is an illustration series of four funky hoverboard riders in a retro futuristic night scenery, a personal project that I’ve had in mind for a very long time and just recently completed. It’s a project that I’ve always wanted to do and I’m probably are going to make a bunch more of hover boarders.

When i’m looking for an idea for a personal project I often go back in time and think of what I wanted to draw but just couldn’t get it right, and as a kid i used to draw a lot of skaters doing tricks, copying images from trasher mag etc. So I wanted to do a modern version of my skateboarders, and of course they had to use hoverboards as i’m into retro futuristic stuff lately. First I wanted to integrate the characters in a futuristic city environment, but in the end I chose to put a spotlight on the hoverboarders with this kind of “80s movie scenery lightning” to create a mystic atmosphere.

Almost all of my work starts as a really quick drawing in my sketchbook, so did this project. Next step is to pass the sketch to my wacom cintiq and clean up the lines. After that I use a bunch of brushes to get an airbrush feeling to the shades and that’s where I put a lot of hours..

People have responded great to this project and i think part of that is because everyone that have seen “back to the future” are probably still dreaming about the hoverboard. For me this illustration project was a nostalgic trip, it was really cool to finally make an image that I’ve been thinking of since a kid, and I am happy that other people like this as well.

Mattias Lindström

Mattias Lindström is a Swedish freelance Illustrator and graphic designer based in Barcelona.He painted portraits of hes dog in the 80s, started to paint graffiti in mid 90s, studied classical painting and graphic design in the 2000s, and currently he is doing illustrations, both personal and client commissions.