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Jeroen van Eerden
April 19, 2017

The task Hubstaff gave me was to re-design their current logo and specifically aim for ‘one’ overall design that suits all the three services Hubstaff provides as different categories. The problem with the current logo was that they didn’t succeeded in finding a right way to use this ‘one’ mark for all the services they providing.

I played around with many conceptual designs aiming to capture the user interface, and all the services Hubstaff provides. I needed to focus on 3 different (yet similar in style) elements that are in the Hubstaff categories. 1. Time 2. Talent 3. tasks. For each category I filtered out all the possible elements that should represent this service best. As I always aim for simple, yet understandable elements to include in logos/icons, these 3 options felt the most suitable for this identity design. All the categories required unique and suitable colors that also match together as 'one' identity color palette. I picked blue for the original Hubstaff logo (also refers to time and process), orange and yellow for Talent (which was selected as a star/favorite reference) and blue for the Tasks option (documents and file share). The overall color selection felt really bright and fresh and absolutely matching the preferred identity look and feel by my clients but also for me.

Most of my work (like 90%) I do on my computer. In the beginning there is time to do research and experiment with different concept elements and filter out what elements fit the best for each category. After the first sketches and explorations I tried to capture 'one' type of visual that could be used for the overall identity style. So at the end I knew all these 3 category marks needed to math together but also are strong enough separately. Most of this project work was done on my computer while experimenting within Adobe Illustrator (CC). I had a close contact with my client(s) to make sure all designs and visions about this identity where on the same line.

I experienced a lot of positive vibes around this project. As well from my clients but also from a lot of peer-designers who are active on design communities such as Dribbble and Behance. Also on my social pages like Instagram and Facebook helped me a lot in letting in useful feedback from other designers.

Always try to innovate and explore new design directions. Force yourself to make new things and try to avoid making too complex logos. I often prefer to use 1-2 most important elements that are matching the companies service/products so a logo is working without a text next to it too. Aim for simple and unique looking marks that tells a little but strong story for a brand.

Jeroen van Eerden

My name is Jeroen van Eerden, a 30 year old freelance logo and identity designer based in Groningen, the Netherlands. My main focus is creating the most beautiful and more importantly meaningful logos for companies all over the world. My work is known of the ‘smart’ use of elements that suits a specific service or company. I aim for timeless designs and try to avoid creating generic designs. I call myself a Logo designer, creative Monogram puzzler and adventurous Concept seeker. My job is my hobby and passion.

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