Human Meets Alien

Human Meets Alien is an abstract illustration. My vision for this artwork is to simply create a visually stunning theme related to Humans and Aliens in the form of Flat Art Design.

This is inspired by several Space based artworks and I wanted to create something appealing to the same domain.

I always wondered how is it like in Space, do astronauts ever come across Alien? Well, if they did, they certainly wouldn’t tell us. The world isn’t ready, and humans are very unstable due to their own selfish reasons.
My Inspiration is simply to design a fun based illustration and use the flat design aesthetics. It also makes a really cool idea for geeks to use this as frames, wallpapers, T-shirts etc.

Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. I simply started on a fine Sunday Morning with a rough idea, and ended up creating something really good, or so I’ve been told from he reviews. In the end, I was satisfied by what I’ve created.

I got a really good response with people personally send me a message and even reaching out on Facebook. I was overwhelmed. Every project you work with, you learn something better. Everything is a learning process and you can never say know something completely.

Piyush Arora

Entrepreneur. Artist. Photographer. MS, PurdueU, Ex-CEO Fluper Technologies. Really, I do Magic with my Mind and Macbook for a living. Oh and I Blog: