Human Space by Mária Švarbová

The series Human Space is Mária Švarbová’s personal project. It aims to record the spaces in the existence between humans. We have seen her other art set A Plastic World and we are in for another treat with this one. Let’s check out the amazing photos! Enjoy!

I have titled the series “human space”, because they record various spaces of existence of different people. It’s when a person becomes part of the space. People create various types of spaces for other people where they spend their time, work, share thoughts, love for each other and live.

– Mária Švarbová




Human can exist as an individual or become part of something bigger. People in my series became part of one big entity. As if human and space became one (human + space). The series point out how important space is for humans and how humans shape the space they exist in. They take care of each other and help shape each other.

– Mária Švarbová




I used Photoshop CS5 and Lightroom 5 for this photo. I took pictures with 5D Mark III and analog camera, too. Analog’s photos from this project will be soon.

– Mária Švarbová




“Only human being can give a soul to a picture” – Mária Švarbová


Mária Švarbová was born in 1988 in Slovakia. She finished her University studies of conservation – restoration and Archeology. She has dedicated to photography since 2010. Earlier works of young and talented author, publishing under name Maria Svarbova are resembling a dream-like reality with elements of surrealism and Art Nouveau. Her latest photographs focus on delivering a message and triggering feelings with focus on minimalism and purity. She is a very distinctive photographer, who can present a vast porfolio of high quality. Maria has also won various prestigious awards and participated in valuable collaborations such as signing off contract with american Vogue. Her photos were also used as covers for multiple bestselling books of world-class authors. One of her works was selected to be a cover photo of prestigious photography magazine DODHO. One of her latest successes is that one of her works was used as cover photo for Czech photography magazine FotoVideo. She also won gold medal of excellence in the biggest photography saloon (TRIERENBERG SUPER CIRCUIT) that took place in Austria. Maria will be having an exhibition in Paris in the Sakura gallery, which will be representing her in the entire France and she will be in others 80 galleries around the world.

See more of her works on Behance and her website.