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Hunting Season by Constantinos Chaidalis

Hunting Season by Constantinos Chaidalis

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June 17, 2015
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Mad? Happy? We are wired to have feelings and have different ways to show our emotions or feelings. There are people who are good with expressing their feelings through talking, some put it in words, and a few turn to arts to express their emotions. Artist, Constantinos Chaidalis from Greece shows us his innermost feelings with his illustrations -The Hunting Season.

"Hunting Season" is an ongoing personal collage and illustration project focusing on personal events.

The Hunting Season is all about my innermost feelings during very stressful situations.
-Constantinos Chaidalis

My inspiration came mostly from a very old picture of myself, depicting me reading a poem. Each piece has a poem to go by it.The intention is to have them all bound in a book.
-Constantinos Chaidalis

If I could give any advice to any young fellow artist I would just say, make a mess, learn from it.
-Constantinos Chaidalis


Constantinos Chaidalis, is a graphic and motion designer from Thessaloniki, Greece. He's currently living and working in Athens,Greece. When he's not working on some print or animated commissioned project he works on his personal projects which are mostly collages and their animated versions, also sketches and short films. You can see more of his work at Behance or his website.

One comment on “Hunting Season by Constantinos Chaidalis”

  1. Could very well understand the points and feelings put forward by Constantinos Chaidalis in his Hunting Season creation. It's such a powerful way to show all those emotions and feelings which are inside him without uttering a word.

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