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HWY 395

HWY 395

Brian Wangenheim
July 15, 2019

I tried to capture the beauty of HWY 395 as I traveled back down from Oregon. It was a 10 hour trip down to California City and these were some of the photos I was able to take while on HWY 395, a scenic highway.

These photos were taken as a personal project as I was going up north for other "work related" photography. I always try to take the chance to put together passion projects alongside paid professional work. I wanted the photos to be as timeless and accurate representation as possible of HWY 395 to capture its beauty.

I took all of my pictures on a Fujifilm XT3 camera with a Fujinon lens (18-55mm) and I edited my photos in Adobe Lightroom. The way I selected the photos was by looking outside my window every once in a while on the 10 hour road tip. If i saw something that caught my eye, I tried to pull over safely and get the photographs. I actually ended up popping one of my front right tires while getting one of the shots.

There has not been much response thus far as I do not have a huge following, nor do I care about having one. I take my photographs for personal enjoyment and am satisfied knowing the quality of work that I create. I learned to break out of the standard perspective in landscape photography which is to take a photograph while standing. I lowered the camera dramatically in a lot of shots to create a unique perspective of some places.

Brian Wangenheim

Brian Joseph Wangenheim is a multi-talented artist with skills in photography, web design, print design, SEO, marketing, video production and creative projects.

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