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Martina Cavalieri
July 6, 2016
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Hydrangea cosmetics is a conceptual brand for a beauty company. This project was created because I really, really love the elegance and the fragrance of this beautiful flower called hydrangea.
Inspirated by my personal monogram I decided to create a monogram that rapresent the armony and the geometry of this flower and I choose three different color: light blue, grey and white.

I recently came across a wonderful book of flowers and fruits so I decided: why don't use those illustrations for a new personal project? I decided to create a monogram of the first letter of hydrangea that was similar in style to my personal monogram.

I used illustration to make this artwork but before, as usual, I started with some sketches. The illustrations of the packaging came from a collection of vintage flowers images I found some time ago.
After that I used Photoshop to make most of the mock-ups.

It's amazing how you can impress people just with colours. Using the right colour combination it's very important in making a catchy project and I think it's not very simple too. In fact I spent a lot of hours trying to find it but in the end I think I've found the right one. So, don't be afraid to spend some time mixing colours, try and explore until to discover the right combination :)

Martina Cavalieri

I’m an Italian graphic designer born in Carrara a small but beautiful city in Italy.
My second home is Genoa, where I studied Graphic and Industrial Design for 5 years at University of Genoa.

After my graduation I moved to Milan for work and now I’m still living in the most dynamic city of Italy.

My main interests are business identity and branding, and I always like to create strong and fitting ones.
I love elengant and simple shapes, charming colours and handmade lettering.

During my work I had the opportunity to write for, a blog that aims to tell what the world of design and technology is developing in order to improve the world’s accessibility.

In my spare time I write for KoiKoiKoi, a visual art magazine focused on illustrations, graphics, tattoos, and much more.

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