Hyōgo Prefectural Museum of Art by Mathijs van den Bosch

I had a day off in Osaka and wanted to shoot some architecture, I looked online for interesting buildings in the area and found the Hyōgo Prefectural Museum of Art in nearby Kobe.

I like the type of concrete architect Tadao Ando uses on many of his projects, the holes in the concrete give the building extra dimension an texture. I walked through the building to find the most interesting parts. Since S-curves usually work well in photos I picked the staircase as a subject. I also found an interesting area outside. I shot it to create my favourite day for night look later in photoshop.

– Mathijs van den Bosch

My editing was done in Photoshop only, I added some gradients create more interesting light and did some dodging and burning to make the image look more 3 dimensional. The “day for night” edit of the second image is quite time consuming, it requires many selections of different areas and then adding “curves” adjustment layers to those selections to darken the image, especially the mid-tones.

– Mathijs van den Bosch

Altering light to make the image appear more 3 dimensional but maintaining a realistic look is where I strived for in the first image. The purpose of the second image was to create a more mysterious look while enhancing the shape of the building.

– Mathijs van den Bosch

About Mathijs van den Bosch

I’m an architectural photographer from Amsterdam. Always looking for interesting buildings while walking through a city. Lately I have been trying to improve my portrait skills since it is completely different and a nice change.