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I am Nuria + Pantotarjetera

I am Nuria + Pantotarjetera

Sr y Sra Wilson
March 8, 2017
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Sr y Sra Wilson have designed an naming and identity for ‘I am Nuria’, a creative production consultancy firm from Barcelona, so that clients can touch and feel the essence of the brand thanks to its own communication elements. Starting with: Hello!

‘Hello’ – this is how a conversation with ‘I am Nuria’ begins. A friendly conversation that invites you to get advice on your print production projects. Our aim was to create a brand that highlighted the personality and professionalism of ‘I am Nuria’, but that also showed what this creative production consultancy firm has got to offer design studios and companies.

This identity includes communication elements that enable clients to experience all the expertise, quality and versatility of ‘I am Nuria’. These communication elements (like business cards, letterheads and note cards, to name a few) use a wide range of papers, textures, colours and techniques.

We have partnered with Fedrigoni to make this possible – they provided a wide selection of paper to develop the identity.

What’s more, we have created an exclusive, original and extremely useful tool – the ‘Pantotarjetera’. It brings together two important concepts: know-how in the world of print production and the versatility of a business card.

The ‘Pantotarjetera’: a new way of doing business cards based on a Pantone swatch book. With the ‘Pantotarjetera’, giving out business cards becomes a real experience.

As well as contact info, each ‘I am Nuria’ card includes the name of the paper that is used and its weight in grams. It’s the perfect 3-in-1: a unique and original item that is a business card holder, and a paper and colour sampler at the same time.

We use illustrator for all the process for designing the differents pieces.
The cards are made out of 44 different types of Fedrigoni paper, using digital offset and silk screen printing, and getting the most out of these two printing techniques.

Several design studios in Barcelona already know about the ‘Pantotarjetera’ and there is a lot of interest. It is rapidly becoming a must-have for many designers.

I am Nuria says:
‘When Sr y Sra Wilson first showed me the idea of the “Pantotarjetera”, I suddenly felt complete... It was like placing the final piece of the jigsaw.
It’s a perfect tool with all the essential technical features for printers (density and texture), for designers (weight and variety) and for companies (colour and paper finish). It’s my “Swiss-army knife” that I carry with me at all times.’

Sr y Sra Wilson

Sr. y Sra. Wilson is specialised in concept design and strategic projects for brand communication.

Founded in 2004 in Barcelona, the company has developed projects across various disciplines such as: strategy, creative direction, art direction, branding, naming, graphic design, print design, editorial design, website, apps, digital experiences and special projects. Creating apparently complex concepts from simplicity, synthesizing the message, the tone and the design to the maximum, without losing or diluting its effectiveness. Always looking for authenticity, originality and excellence.

Sr. y Sra. Wilson has worked with brands like Tous, Reebok, Tic Tac, Magro Cardona, Club de Creativos, Gas Natural Fenosa, Letsbonus, Velcro Inc., Editorial Andamio, among others.

Its work has been recognised by The Lovie Awards, Anuaria Awards and Laus Awards, and it has featured in national and international digital media.

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