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Ilya Volgin
July 6, 2019
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What is Iceland (for us)? A faraway island surrounded by cold water with freezing winds blowing through, where the sun is a rare guest, while rain, haze & fog are always there. For us who live on the mainland among multiple nations speaking various languages, it's hard to comprehend its primordial centures-old solitude. We've got a feeling that loneliness deeply inhabited each soul of each person living there. This trip became a chance to understand those feelings, dive into new emotions & get to taste them. It's like our life pace slowed down, we stopped for a while to listen for & look deeply inside ourselves, in order to go on having become different people in a way. Our experience found an outcome in these few photos.

It all started 2 years ago when we made an amazing trip to beautiful Iceland. It became an absolutely unique experience full of strong emotions & we attempted to express them in our project. The style & colours were inspired by this stunning country itself.

We wanted to show a very simple visual things in a not ordinary way. We used Adobe Photoshop & Adobe Illustrator. In Photoshop we made colours correction & sometimes images overlaying to achieve slightly surreal effect. Then we joined all images together as a project in Adobe Illustrator.

For us it was a great experience. We got a really positive feedback from many people. For some it was quite a discovery cause they imagined Iceland very differently. And others found it as a very creative photo project. We always try to push our creative field forward to discover new horizons.

By this project we were aiming to remind people to be mindful & see beauty in usual things surrounding us, to realize how breathtaking & unexplored is the world/nature & how we should care & look after it. We are often so carried away by daily routine that we forget to appreciate what we have. We should just step back once in a while & become completely present & aware of beauty & magic around us & enjoy it while we can.

Ilya Volgin

Graphic designer from Minsk
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