I Know We Can Be Strong in the Real Way!

This Steven Universe Pearls illustrations project was made for the new season. Since I’m a huge Steven Universe fan, I’ve decided to illustrate one my favourite songs from the serie. Using three incredible characters from SU (Steven Universe) world. Pearl of Rose Quartz, Pearl of Yellow Diamond and Pearl of Blue Diamond.

I’ve been working on my artstyle since I graduated from college. Part of my searching process involved creating characters with great personality, amazing stories and a memorable appearance. When the new episodes of SU of the new season came out, I thought that could’ve been a great opportunity to practice. Since SU have a huge fandom, painting their characters mantaining their appearance.
My purpose was to create the three pearls that have appeared in the entire series as a ballet group and at the same time as a group of friends. Combining their skills and qualities.

I usually start my painting the initial idea of the ketch on my digital gray sheet in Adobe Photoshop. My first sketches are rough, it’s just an idea of what I intend to do. Then I refine the sketch on a new layer choosing the right proportions and adding detail like clothe, hair, form of the eyes or props.
The painting process some times it’s simple and other times it’s complicated. I start creating flat colors layer, then I add lights and shadows with various chalk brushes.

People really liked my project, especially on Instagram. I’ve learned that in order to get the work I want to be doing I have to dedicate some time to actually doing these types of projects.
Also don’t compare yourself to others. Learn from them and then do your own thing. Develop your own style. Love your own work.

Max González Vásquez

Illustrator & 3D Animator