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I Love Us Book

I Love Us Book

Desirae Bach
July 11, 2021

This design was art directed and commissioned by Compendium ( They were pitching the I Love Us book plus this baby book ( to Target's gifting section.

Compendium wanted the book to have hand lettering that was easy to read. They also requested that the colors be gender neutral so that anyone could buy it as a gift for their anniversary.

I used Adobe Illustrator. I started out with sketches then put those sketches in Illustrator and started tracing over them.

Target didn't end up purchasing these but I'm excited about how they turned out and I look forward to more opportunities in the future.

Desirae Bach

I'm a designer who has worn many different hats including teaching, branding, art directing, lettering, illustrating, packaging, advertising, product designing and more. I'm passionate about designing memorable experiences in print, online, or in person. My career has taken me to all of the time zones in North American and I'm always interested in exploring more.
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