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I Saw Your Colors From The Shore

I Saw Your Colors From The Shore

Heather Root
June 9, 2016
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This is one of my newest digital paintings I have done this past week. I recently graduated college with my degree, and so this painting is a milestone for me, as it examines my feelings of coming out of the storm and onto dry sand.

Having finally graduated college after several years of being a student prompted me to paint this subject. It's about coming out from something you once knew and realizing that the world can be full of color. That's important for anyone to realize, and very important to my own personal discovery. I chose to make this painting a digital work because I wanted to be able to express my idea quicker than with traditional mediums. I also wanted some of my colors to feel etherial in nature, and I can better achieve that in a digital medium at the moment.

I used my Samsung tablet to create this, my stylus is like my paintbrush in this instance. I have a great app that didn't cost much money for me to buy- but it allows you to use layers and other effects- similar to photoshop, but for android. I own adobe creative cloud, but I sometimes prefer to unplug from my computer, and I like to be able to draw and paint away from my office environment.

When I posted this on Behance and Facebook for the first time, I think people were a little surprised because it was so very different than what I had been doing before- because of the restraint of school and work, I was only doing 15 minute sketches and short watercolor paintings each day. I wasn't able to actually sit down and work through the whole process and create something that took more than an hour to do. So, when I posted this after finally have graduated, people were surprised that I was able to do this. Which is great- I want to surprise everyone each time I create something new!

Heather Root

I like to focus on texture and color in my work. I'm often inspired by my own dreams, nature, and music. Lately, I have been focusing on digital painting on my tablet, and watercolor painting by hand. My dream is to write and illustrate my own children's books someday.

All in all, I work on many different projects and have the determination and willingness to be able to follow my dreams as an artist.

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