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Agostina Valle Saggio
June 14, 2017
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I did digital photography for almost three years. The last year I felt incomplete with my work, I didn´t like it anymore. For that moment I was very attracted to analog photography, so in December I decided to buy some film and use it in an old camera I took from my parents.
I captured some photos without knowing what the result would be. I felt in love again with photography when I saw them.
These are the photos of the first film I used.

 I didn´t plan most of the photos, I just captured what I liked or caught my attention. I chose one film from the store but i knew nothing about analoge photography. I really like the color of this images, it was a Kodak ULTRAMAX 400 film.

I didn´t use any tool or software to create my work. I sent the film to the laboratory and that was all. Now I´m learning the laboratory process, it´s awesome to work in my own film and learn more of the old photography.

I think I learn a lot from all the photos I take. What film I like the most, how to do my composition better and try to create my own style. It´s a hard and slow process for me, but I really enjoy it.

Always try to feel free to create and follow your own vision. Try different ways to find what you really like, and the most important thing: always enjoy what you do.

Agostina Valle Saggio

Photographer based in Argentina

One comment on “I”

  1. I love that you are experimenting with film! The leaf image is my favorite, with its' texture and imperfections.

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