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Ice Cream Scoop

Ice Cream Scoop

Odiist Design
April 29, 2019
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This is a new kitchen utensil Odiist designed for EAT Shine. The aim of this design is to adapted the most instinctive operation of human behavior. We designed an ice cream scoop which is suitable for both left-handed and right-handed users.

The operation of ice cream scoop has not changed too much since it was invented in 19th century. We accepted the challenge to change the using habit without teaching users the new operation approach. Instead of squeezing the lever alongside the handle, users only have to slide the switch on the handle. Maintained the advantage of the traditional trigger scoop, we improved its mechanism.

With less complicated components, the appearance becomes more clean and neat. Simple as it seemed, the mechanism was modified by the designer with ingenuity to be hidden inside the handle. We modified the mechanism considering intuitive operating direction by replacing the lever with a simple switch, and concealed the mechanism inside the handle. It not only simplifies the appearance but also features easy and useful style from both form and function.

Users found this design convenient and useful. The function and creative mechanism design stood out from the simple look and feel of this ice cream scoop. Therefore we'll continue to develop new design of this product based upon similar concept.

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