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Kamila Figura
March 28, 2018
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When we start working on each project we do our best to create consistent and smart design system. Icon design is a very important part of it - especially when it’s possible for us to implement something custom for the client. We are proud to present you our first IconoFolio.

Take a look:

Every single project was handled individually. Sometimes we created heavy glyph, other time light outlines, sometimes we went with flat system other times with shadows and gradients. It all depended on the spirit f the app or the website, we wanted to capture it in a unique way! ?

We used multiple software, but obviously stared out with sketching out the body of the icon, then draw it out in Adobe Illustrator or Sketch, to ultimately have the whole icon system created on the grid and crated out in a unique style. Later on animated in After Effects to live it up!

We've learned to approach every single project with attention that it requires. It's hard to make the app stand out among the others, the screen is tiny and not everything can be developed thats why we think that making the design system straight form the icon set is the right approach!

Check our iteo team!


Kamila Figura

I am a graphic designer, a story teller who enjoys well-crafted and inventive design with attention to detail.

I am passionate about multidisciplinary of this profession that's why I specialize in creating brand identities, designing innovative UX/UI & web design, inventing meaningful advertising and working with traditional media. I was honoured to be featured in several international publications.

One comment on “ICONS FOLIO”

  1. Thanks a ton for sharing our IconsFolio and Logofolio!
    We're delighted to see them featured here 😊

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