Icons set for infographics: Fanclastic.ru

The main task was to create universal icons for the Russian company «Fanclastic», which would reflect the usefulness of the product. Each icon illustrates the skills that this constructor develops: imagination, fine motor skills, memory and speech, perseverance and attentiveness, logical and spatial thinking, social adaptation, and so on.

The First of all, I was inspired by the details of the constructor and wanted the icons to be visually associated with it. Then I gathered information on the listed skills, made a visual map to connect it with constructor. For the style, I chose a flat style, because that it conveys well the thought and visually easy. In terms of colors, I made a start from the fact that the constructor was recommended for the children’s audience. Therefore, I chose bright and cheerful colors. Also, these colors roughly correspond to the color palette of the constructor himself.

Initially, I put herself drafts on a sheet and brought it all into the Illustrator program: I was looking for the optimal forms that would be associated with the constructor’s details. To create an idea for one icon and draw it in Illustrator it took 2-3 hours.

My customers said: «I can’t imagine how you managed to illustrate so super-visually!» They really liked it! For me this is the highest praise. And colleagues and friends said that it was cool and creative! Most of all they liked the characters and colors.

You can see the full version of the project here: https://www.behance.net/gallery/57157207/Icons-set-for-infographics-Fanclasticru
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Elena Levashova

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